Zip Wire & Ladder climb

Electron Ladder:
CI Adventures Ladder climb is a 6 metre electron caving ladder that can be climbed at the Boiler House or at an appropriate site to suite you, using a tree for example. It is a whole team activity as all members are instructed how to help to belay the climber, but if you are coming to the Boiler House alone this is still an activity you can enjoy with a group already taking part.

A variation on the ladder climb is crate climbing, building your own stack of crates and balancing on top of them. This activity can be offered at the Boiler House as part of a multi-activity package, to enjoy a more challenging climb!

Zip Wire:
Zip wire is a popular activity in the Boiler House and is about 15 metres long. The zip wire has been introduced into our team building and circus activities or can be incorporated into any multi-activity programme of your choice, with fully qualified instructors ensuring your safety at all times. Offering a fun and exhilarating experience, the zip wire is a leap into the unknown and is not for the faint hearted. Try it if you dare!

The zip wire is a permanant activity at the Boiler House, however we are able to set up the zip wire in the wild or on other suitable sites, so if this sounds like an opportunity you have been waiting for please contact us at CI Adventures!


Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision  In the Wild

Zip Wire & Ladder Climb Benefits:

  • Mental fitness, confidence and trust.
  • The zip wire offers a great energy boosting experience so all participants leave wanting to come back for more!
  • The zip wire requires a huge leap of faith and nerves of steal to leave the platform and fly into the unknown, improving confidence and helping to conquer fears!
  • The ladder climb requires mental strength and physical strength to pull together and reach the top.
  • The ladder climb requires a trust of other group members as they are in charge of belaying your rope as you climb!

Find out more about the zip wires through this external link: Zip Wire Wikipedia