Walking & Mountaineering

CI Adventures highly skilled instructors have gained a vast experience of walking and mountaineering, visiting many mountain areas in the UK with numerous different groups, as well as in their own time. Our instructors have a passion to introduce people to the beauty and isolation of the mountains, allowing others to share the experiences they have encountered over the many years.

We also have experience of hill walking and mountaineering in various locations worldwide including the Himalaya, Corsica, Africa and Norway. Please see our expeditions page to view the varying locations we can take you.

Why not come with us to share in the pleasures of the stunning and tranquil mountain ranges across the UK and worldwide? CI Adventures can offer one day or multiple day excursions for all ages and abilities to enjoy the amazing scenery that many never take the opportunity to explore. We will plan and organise your excursion, so all you need do is turn up and enjoy the beautiful mountains, taking in all the calm and quiet of a relaxing yet challenging experience.

So, whether you are looking for a mountaineering experience in the Yorkshire Dales, across the UK or worldwide, CI Adventures is the best place to share these experiences!


Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision In the Wild

Walking & Mountaineering Benefits:

  • Communication, motivation and intuition.
  • Team building offers problem solving activities for groups to work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Team building enables groups to identify and utilise team members’ individual strengths to complete team tasks.
  • The overall aim of team building exercises for many groups is to enhance team productivity, all through greater collaboration, communication and motivation.
  • Team building allows groups to better understand, trust and co-operate with one another through a range of fun and enjoyable exercises.

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