Team Building

Team building can be done almost anywhere, inside or outside. The tasks we have developed at CI Adventures are designed to promote teamwork, leadership, communication, co-ordination, planning, co-operation, challenge, self-esteem, motivation, imagination, attitude, creativity, self-confidence and fun. CI Adventures provides team building activities for a range of groups, offering half day or full day sessions designed to suite the clientele. We can arrange a diverse range of team building exercises all tailored to suite your group needs.

The wide range of activities offered for team building ensures that certain activities can be specifically targeted for particular group needs. The team building activities offered by CI Adventures provide a variety of exercises to develop both group members individually and also group members’ ability to work together with others in team situations to develop team cohesion.


Certain team building exercises such as the ropes course can only be provided at the Boiler House, however many of the other activities can be provided at a range of venues to suite you. CI Adventures work at many different locations around the Halifax district which are suitable for such activities, but we can travel to any location subject to suitability for chosen activities. For more information please get in contact and we can discuss a programme that will suit your organisations requirements.

Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision In the Wild

Benefits of Team Building:

  • Communication, motivation and intuition.
  • Team building offers problem solving activities for groups to work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Team building enables groups to identify and utilise team members’ individual strengths to complete team tasks.
  • The overall aim of team building exercises for many groups is to enhance team productivity, all through greater collaboration, communication and motivation.
  • Team building allows groups to better understand, trust and co-operate with one another through a range of fun and enjoyable exercises.

Find out more about team building: through this external link: Team Building Wikipedia