Street Surfing

Never heard of it? Well everyone’s talking about street surfing, the sport which blends the sensations of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in a single fun, thrill filled activity. With our expert tuition you will learn to perform precision 360s, carve downhill, and even ride uphill in no time at all. Within a few hours, most riders become proficient, making it a blast for riders of all ages, and of course, riders can perform all manner of skating tricks, including manuals, board leaps, ollies, acid drops, kick flips, and more.

Street surfing appeals to everyone, thanks to its innovative technology that combines the natural fluidity of surfing with the smooth manoeuvrability of snowboarding and skating. Once on the board, the rider merely twists their hips back and forth in an S-shaped motion to propel down the street, with no foot propulsion required. Even better, it takes only a few minutes to learn how to ride.


The board is propelled using core movements of the body, making for an excellent workout on top of being just plain fun. Learning to ride is easy and it doesn’t require any prior skating, surfing, or snowboarding skills. We are currently running 10-session courses that can be linked to accreditation and the national curriculum. The schools we are presently working with are in the process of establishing street surfing clubs through CI Adventures offering an extension for many young participants already engaged with the activity at the Boiler House.

If you have a tarmac-ed area that is free from traffic or a gym or hall we can bring street surfing to you, or it can be delivered here at the Boiler House. So whether you want to street surf as a stand alone activity or incorporate the session into our multi-activity package the choice is yours.

Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision In the Wild

Benefits of Street Surfing:

  • Improves balance, strength and agility.
  • Street surfing is easy yet challenging to learn, offering a reward when little progressions are made quickly.
  • Street surfing offers participants the opportunity to compete against themselves as they try new skills, new moves and gain their own expression.
  • Street surfing for many improves self-confidence, starting off with little ability and gaining more ability by trying new ideas created by you rather than others.


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