At CI Adventures school and youth groups are our core business and we are committed to providing a quality service and real value for money to you the customer. We can offer activities designed to challenge and motivate children of all ages and abilities in order to provide every young person with the opportunity to succeed, as well as the opportunity to enjoy and experience new activities.

Our staff team understands the personal and social educational learning opportunities that young people can gain through the outdoors and here at CI Adventures we have the skills to create meaningful learning experiences in a positive learning environment. CI Adventures provide a high quality experience for beginners taking their first step into the outdoors through to more challenging experiences both here in the UK and abroad.

We aim to give participants a day that’s more than they bargained for and leave them with a desire for more. Our background in outdoor education and youth work has helped us to impart our knowledge and wisdom about the activities on offer. We aim to be as flexible as possible in order to provide the most suitable day for our clients and are fully experienced in offering activities to large groups of people.

Your school group programmes will be designed to suite your specific requirements. Our activities can be sessional, split week, full weeks, evenings or over a weekend and we can accommodate all ages of school groups.

Our highly trained and experienced leaders of outdoor and adventurous activities deliver a wide range of multi, extreme sport and adventurous activities across a variety of locations. Locations range from The Boiler House to school sites and places of interest, with expeditions also available across the breadth of the UK and further a field to places such as France, Spain, and Norway. We also provide activity weeks which can take place at a location to suite your needs, be that at The Boiler House or at a further location in the great outdoors. So, if you have an idea, or want to discuss how best you might incorporate your programme into your curriculum simply tell us your thoughts.

Whether delivered locally through the Boiler House or further a field we have an array of opportunities at our disposal! To discuss your ideas and design a tailor made programme for your schools specific requirements, for a guided tour of our facilities or for a quote, please contact CI Adventures.

We are Ofsted registered! Number: EY415126

Our primary objective is to support education and training by enhancing understanding and skills in outdoor adventure activities by focusing on:

  • Personal development skills, communication, planning, organising;
  • Numeracy and literacy;
  • Geography, geology, and environmental issues;
  • Scientific aspects such as physics.
  • Focusing on the individual with health and well being e.g. nutrition, hygiene, exercise, mobility.
We can deliver our activities for schools at:
The Boiler House Your School or Site A Partner Facility In the Wild