Low Ropes Course & High Line

ropes_course_smilesCI Adventures ropes course is a series of low ropes activities that can be altered to make each task easier or harder to suit the needs of the group and can be delivered for individual or group development. The course includes obstacles such as tight-rope, cargo net, tyres and parallel ropes to cross. We can also set up a trapeze jump, wire ladder climb, crate climb and a game where everyone uses a small Tarzan swing and as a group must land on different pads.

Perfect for all ages, our new purpose-built low ropes course encourages communication and co-operation, helping individuals build their confidence whilst developing their balance & co-ordination. Each challenge calls on the collective contributions of every team member – drawing on their ideas, support, and effort to achieve a team goal. The ropes course activity can be provided as part of a multi-activity package or as an individual team building activity.


This purpose-built course is at CI Adventures centre, the Boiler House, so come down and see for yourself the tangles we have to offer!

Availability: The Boiler House

Ropes Course Benefits:

  • Problem solving, teamwork and initiative skills.
  • The ropes course is the perfect activity for team building exercises to initiate and explore team work.
  • The ropes course provides the opportunity to improve trust, communication and support skills both with groups already known to one another and to groups of individuals unfamiliar to one another.
  • An opportunity to test the body and the mind together in one activity.


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