Easter Holiday Club

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This Easter all our adventurers became survivalists. Despite the weather everyone managed to get outside, and used skills they didn’t know they had to make dens, cross rivers, find food and cook bread.

The seekers and explorers created dens fit for a king using log and twigs that they had found nearby. Whether or not they would have kept the rain out that afternoon, I’m not sure! The extreme group made slightly sturdier shelters using tarpaulin and rope that they had brought with them from the Boiler House. These were very creative, up in trees and hidden in all manner of nooks and crannies. They also practiced fire lighting under the supervision of our instructor Chris, and even cooked some bread on their fires.

Another day we were practicing mountaineering and pioneering skills. We managed to get all of one group across a river, by them attaching ropes between two trees. Everyone walked across one of the ropes and the top line was a safety rope. Everyone arrived back at the Boiler House that afternoon a bit soggier, a bit more tired but very happy. That is all minus a welly!

After our adventures this week I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait for our next Bush Craft week. I’m sure we will all put Bear Grylls to shame!


Our Halifax Holiday Club will be running every week day throughout the May bank holiday, and summer holidays.





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