Daniel’s pre-apprenticeship

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Hello my name is Daniel. I am doing my pre-apprentice work placement with C I Adventures in Halifax. Today I helped Vincent on archery with Beech Hill School. I made sure the children were safe whilst two of group members shot arrows. I feel happy to see all the children happy and having great fun. The children shot at blue, black and the gold with their bow and arrows.

I also give out the wrist guards to the children and collect them in again at the end. My favourite archery game is when there are lots of balloons involved. I would say that the more balloons then the better the game is!

When I am helping with the zip wire, I stand at the bottom of the zip-wire and help people unclip their harness. The zip wire is one of my favourite activities as I am always helping customers on it. I also like it when I get a chance to have a go myself. When I go down the zip wire it is really fast. As I have a harness on then my favourite thing to do is to make my body into a star shape. I stretch out my arms and legs as wide as possible.

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