Climbing & Bouldering

boulderingBouldering offers the safety zone that participants often crave when being introduced to the world of climbing. Bouldering is ‘climbing at a safe height’ so ropes are not required. It is usually done in a traverse around the room which lends itself to a variety of games and skills that can significantly enhance peoples climbing ability, increasing participants’ enjoyment and confidence to take on bigger climbing challenges.

The Boiler House sites a fully enclosed Bouldering wall with a variety of holds to increase the challenge and intensity as participants gain confidence and improve their climbing technique. A small section of climbing wall is also provided where ropes and harnesses must be used for a first time experience or confidence building for climbing novices.


Climbing and Bouldering can be offered at the Boiler House or on local crags around the Halifax area, or further a field across the country. CI Adventures experienced instructors are able to offer Climbing and Bouldering instruction on a variety of rocks at a wide range of venues to suit many different participants, from the complete beginners to the fully experienced.

So if you’re a climbing beginner or an advanced climber looking for a fun and safe approach to the climbing experience then look no further, CI Adventures is the place to be!

Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision Partner Facility In the Wild

Climbing & Bouldering Benefits:

  • Concentration, confidence and goal setting skills.
  • Bouldering and Climbing can improve flexibility, core strength, upper body strength, agility and muscle toning.
  • Bouldering and Climbing can be enjoyed in the outdoors or indoors depending upon participant preferences and competences.
  • Climbing and Bouldering require focus and attention to take participants away from their everyday world to relax their minds.


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