Circus Skills

Living in tents, developing physical strength, balance, co-ordination, stretching the body, working in the outdoor arena, all essential ingredients for adventurous activities and all elements of a circus.

CI Adventures circus skills workshops are a great way to learn new skills while developing hand to eye co-ordination, improving balance and generally having stacks of fun. We can offer circus skills at the Boiler House or at a venue to suite your group, with sessions working individually or within a group, involving group discussions, particularly regarding important safety issues Our circus skills workshops include juggling, balancing objects, spinning plates, diablo’s, devil sticks, poi’s, pedal-go’s, stilts, unicycles, vew-do boards, slack and tight ropes and even sometimes a trapeze.


Joining our sessions, club or courses can help participants learn about the many varied activities that originate from the circus. Participants may eventually specialise in one chosen circus skill or further their knowledge of a range the skills. Selection may be made from the following four main disciplines:

Aerial: Trapeze, Aerial Ladder, Aerial Rope, Tightrope Walking;
Balance: Stilts, Ladder, Unicycling, Roller Bola (Vew Do Boards), lower Tightrope or Slack Rope walking;
Manipulative: Feather balancing, Plate Spinning, Devil Stick, Diablo, Poi, Juggling (balls and clubs), Club Swinging;
Ground: Acrobatic balances, Handstands, Tumbling.

Besides the practical skills listed above other possible activities may also include: Developing and creating costumes and make-up for presenting clowning skills; Learning about advertising and the publicity of circus; Developing knowledge of the cultural and historical background of the circus; Observing events such as a circus or street performance, and making constructive comments or other analysis; Discovering the international aspects of circus life; Studying other related Performing Arts.

If you’re looking to clown around and experience the skills and excitement of the circus in a fun yet focused environment then contact us at CI Adventures and join our circus journey!

Availability:  The Boiler House  Mobile Provision

Benefits of Circus Skills:

  • Learning some of the various activities that we have taken from the circus can develop technical and physical skills which can then become the basis for further creativity.
  • All participants can learn their skills to their own individual level and develop at their own rate.
  • Training in circus can require a very high degree of personal commitment and develops good physical, verbal and listening skills, strengthening you as an entire individual, developing physical agility and the ability to express yourself and communicate more clearly with others.


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