Real Caving Adventures

At CI Adventures we specialise in real caving adventures where the experience of discovery, exploration, challenge and pure beauty will remain with you for life. Whether an absolute beginner or an experienced caver we have a whole range of caving experiences available. Our introductory caving trips are designed for people with no previous caving experience, while our technical adventures introduce height, equipment and progression.

We offer a range of caving trips to the Yorkshire Dales which can include the breathtaking Gaping Gill and the ever popular Long Churn system, amongst many others. Whether exploring fantastic limestone cave systems or disused mines, your trip should be an enjoyable and exciting experience, whilst keeping the safety of the group and you as an individual foremost.

Trips can be made as challenging and adventurous as you require, with half or full day trips available. CI Adventures can offer caving within a combined multi-activity day or as an individual, stand alone activity. All equipment is provided, including over suits.

Our Courses:
Introduction to Caving: Our qualified and experienced instructors will guide you through your subterranean adventure in one of a number of limestone locations. If you are reasonably fit, mobile and not afraid to try something new and completely different, this is the course for you. All equipment and training is provided, no experience is necessary.

Intermediate Caving: Our instructors will lead you to experience technically more demanding caves and broaden your knowledge of caving. With vertical Skills challenges, these underground trips look in some detail at rope work and safe, efficient movement in horizontal and vertical passages of challenging caves. Choose this course if you have some previous experience, a good level of fitness and are keen to progress and broaden your knowledge of caving.

Availability:  In The Wild

Benefits of Real Caving:

  • Motivation, mental strength and physical strength.
  • Caving is one of the most mentally challenging sports, forcing participants to block out the past and the fears and worries of the future, and fully commit to a focus on the present.
  • Caving enables participants to discover the environment in its natural formation underground, learning about cave formations, underground rivers and much more!
  • Caving takes the participant into hidden world of piece and tranquillity to free the mind and learn a breadth of new experiences.

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