Gorge Scrambling & Canyoning

CI Adventures offer gorge scrambling at a range of sites around Halifax and wider Calderdale, and can travel to any suitable location to meet your gorge scrambling requirements.

For total beginners CI Adventures offer a river pioneering course up the Hebble Brook, rising above Ovenden Moor and falling through Halifax down to Salterhebble. Hebble Brook offers a less challenging scramble for the beginners to fully appreciate the thrill and adventure of climbing up waterfalls, jumping across boulders, traversing along rock walls and descending into plunge pools. Other local more advanced river pioneering sites used, within Halifax and Calderdale, include Ogden & Hardcastle Crags.


For the more experienced scramblers CI Adventures qualified instructors can offer an adventure following the more turbulent rivers in the area and further a field in the Lake District & the Yorkshire Dales such as Buckden Gill & Church Beck. Advancing on the experiences of the beginner scramblers, the more experienced participants can attempt pool jumping, flume sliding and river damning to ensure a fun and soaking day in the river!

To see the landscape from a different angle, whilst enjoying the noise and feel of the gushing water, and hanging from the ropes amidst the fast flowing waterfalls, join us at CI Adventures!

Availability: The Boiler House Partner Facility In the Wild

Benefits of Gorge Scrambling:

  • Motivation, confidence and team spirit.
  • Gorge scrambling combines the amazing scenery of the great outdoors with the adrenaline rush of a wildwater activity.
  • Gorge scrambling combines the physical fitness with the mental test of letting yourself go and plunging into the water in an approach like no other!
  • Team members thrive off the team spirit that gorge scrambling creates, pushing one another to take the plunge to achieve the challenges along the way!

Find out more about gorge scrambling & canyoningthrough this external link: Canyoning Wikipedia