Cam’s High Line

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During my time the other day at work I managed to do some research on high slack lining and also tightrope walking. Then I actually got up and did the high slack line whilst wobbling around ever so slightly  and my legs shaking from side to side so it was quite hard to keep the momentum going at first.

Once I had got the hang of how to balance I started making progress across the high slack line which could also be known as a ‘tight rope’ which is what dare devils use to walk across. The highest tight rope walk ever to be completed was only just set a couple of months back in America. It was over the Gran Canyon set at 1,500 feet high! Nick Wallenda managed to smash the record and it only took him just over 22 minutes to accomplish this.

Once you are up in the air and get the momentum going, you get the adrenaline rush. You just want to get it completed get to the other side and then go again. There are many different ways of slack lining which you can do and these include; urbanlining, tricklining, waterlining and highlining just to name a few different styles!

The highest slack line ever to be completed was 1,000 metres (3,281 Ft high) and was done in Norway at Kjerag in Rogaland in the year of 2006 and now a second guy has managed to succeed in doing the stunt just over a year after. I think everybody should give the dare devil sport ago no matter what the height is as there’s always the opportunity to go higher or do a longer balancing walk!!!