Bush Craft & Survival

Bush craft and survival skills courses are delivered in a number of the local parks in Calderdale and involve learning how to build, light and cook on a fire, make a shelter, forage for berries and seeds that you can eat, bush medicines, tracking and catching animals, and more advanced skills such as generating fire by friction, knife skills, and surviving in the wild over night using the environment for your food and shelter. Bush craft and survival skills can educate and inspire people of all ages to learn more about themselves as individuals, their group as a collection, and the environment in which we live.


CI Adventures can offer bush craft and survival skills courses over single or multiple day periods, at a variety of locations, and for all ages. The basis of the skills courses will be to provide experience of safe and effective shelter building, sourcing food and cooking from the wild, and general fire lighting and fire maintenance. CI Adventures bush craft and survival skills are fantastic courses to truly connect with the natural environment and to take time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives!

Availability: The Boiler House Mobile Provision In the Wild

Benefits of Survival Skills:

  • Self-understanding, relaxing and resourceful.
  • Bush craft and survival skills enable participants to live amongst nature, learning how to survive with the natural environment for resources.
  • Become knowledgeable, skilful and adaptable individuals learning from the wild and the techniques used by our ancestors.
  • Bush craft and survival skills teach all participants to be confident, creative and innovative individuals to transfer these skills to their daily lives.


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