Artificial Caving

caving_halifaxNever thought it possible? Well here at the Boiler House we have an artificial cave with 500ft of passageway and various obstacles such as ‘Pete’s Peril’, ‘Cornish’s Crawl’ and ‘Ball Pool Duck’. The artificial cave at the Boiler House offers a new and exciting opportunity to test yourself in a caving environment; with the safe knowledge of a shorter caving experience with fast escape routes should they be required.

The test passageway allows you to experience the cave in a short route designed to give confidence and motivation to tackle the more difficult passageways of the artificial cave. The 500ft cave requires the courage and determination required when caving in the natural environment, offering the effects of artificial water, climbs, descents, rocks and boulders.


The artificial cave is a dominant feature at the Boiler House and has become very popular with regular use by schools and youth groups. With such success CI Adventures have developed the artificial cave concept even further producing a mobile artificial cave to provide the fun and adventure of the caving experience at further locations around the Calderdale district and across the UK. So if you’re looking for a caving experience but need a test run to see if you are capable of taking on the challenge, or if the fear of caving in the great outdoors is just too much, then Contact us at CI Adventures for a fun and safe caving experience at the Boiler House or a location to suit you.

Availability:   The Boiler House   Mobile Provision

Benefits of the Artificial Cave:

  • Confidence, motivation and mental strength.
  • Mobile unit can be taken to any location across the Calderdale district and further across the UK.
  • The test passageway builds initial confidence to take on a more challenging caving experience in the artificial cave.
  • For the more anxious cavers, emergency escape exits provide the safety and support to encourage everybody to have a go and take on this exciting challenge.


Find out more about caving through these external links:  British Caving Association  Caving Wikipedia