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I have only recently started working at for C I Adventures, so I’m still shadowing some of the activities at the Boiler House. This week I was able to watch both Adventure Club sessions, on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning. And lucky enough for me they were doing different activities on both. The sessions were being run by Adam and George, who have been coming to the Boiler House for years so everyone was very relaxed.
On the Wednesday evening we started with a rope swing, which I’m told doesn’t usually last so long, but everyone was enjoying it too much! After the initial novelty of swinging and landing had worn off, it was made harder by a bean bag throwing game whilst in the air. This theme was continued into the archery, where instead of using a traditional target, our aim was to hit all the pieces of a snowman and put him back together again.
The Saturday club started a bit colder than the Wednesday evening on had been, so we played a few games of hide and seek to get warm. Then we went onto climbing up a 6m swinging caving ladder, which I have to admit intimidated me when I first arrived. However everyone shot up it, even I made it up it – but I still maintain it’s easier for children! Then we finished with some circus skills, stilts, plate spinning and pedal – go races. By the end everyone was successful spinning their plates and passing them from one to another.
From both these sessions I could really see how involved everyone was and how much they all enjoyed it. Even the quieter children still managed to achieve more than they thought they would and everyone (including me!) left with a sense of achievement. The groups are limited to 10 people so everyone is part of the team, but they are small so booking in advance is required.
Email or call 01422 410727 for more information.

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